Saturday, 15 October 2016

Trees from China

I recently ordered some trees from an ebay seller based in China. These trees cost £X including postage to the UK.

I based them on round mdf bases that fit into a larger irregular shaped base. These were another ebay purchase, that I'd bought some time ago and was waiting for something to use them for. The bases are two different sizes which was handy as there are two sizes of tree.


The bases were textured, painted (brown then dry brushed) and flocked with a woodland undergrowth mix.

The large bases they fit into were given the same treatment.

The finished forests. The trees can be removed to allow space for multi-based figures, and they can also be taken off to use without the big bases.

 Here they are in action. A couple of days after I'd completed them we played Bolt Action and the new trees were put to good use.

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