Friday, 21 October 2016

Crom ! It's finally here!

After a year and a half waiting, my Conan Kickstarter package has arrived. And it's a big package - no sneaking this one in quietly past the wife!
 I went for the "basic" Barbarian pledge, as this seemed to offer the best value in terms of number of figures, scenarios and gameboards for the money. Most backers seemed to be going for the more expensive King pledge, but I figured that I'd get plenty of play out of the basic game and all the kickstarter extras, and if I wanted more stuff later I could always buy it at retail.
Inside that huge package are two very large boardgame boxes.

One box is the base game, and the other contains all the kickstarter extras.They are nice sturdy boxes (which they need to be) with attractive artwork.

Inside they are both packed full of goodies - rules and scenario books, cards, thick cardboard tiles and markers, gameboards, and lots and lots of plastic figures.

I had a quick look through the contents and read through of the rules last night, and it's mostly very impressive. The double sided gameboards are very nice, and most of the figures look to be very good sculpts. There has been some discussion online about the varying quality of the figures, and it is true that a few of them are made from a different plastic and are noticeably worse, with softer details. Unfortunately, these are the hero figures. They are not terrible, and if all of the figures were like it, they would be acceptable quality for boardgame miniatures. It is a little disappointing though because of how good the majority of the figures are, and the fact that it the hero figures that are worse. I haven't painted boardgame figures before, but I think I will probably paint the heroes at least, so hopefully they will look better when painted and the difference in quality won't be noticeable.
There has also been discussion about the quality of the rulebook, and I believe a new one is being written. I'm not sure how this is going to be distributed to buyers though. From my quick read through last night there wasn't too much obviously wrong with it, but maybe some of the problems only become apparent when you play.
Hopefully I'll get to play in a week or two, and I'll post more pictures and thoughts then.

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  1. I got mine a few days ago, like you I went for the Barbarian pledge.
    The rules as written are full of holes, I learned a lot from this video.

    As I write this my wife and I have just finished the first scenario, she won as the heroes on the last turn.
    I think it is a very good game, I wasn't so sure after a couple of solo attempts but now I have the game sequence sussed I love it.